The Building Blocks For Success With Your Next Canine Superstar

Feeling lost with your new puppy? Not sure where to start?

 Worried about 'getting it right' with your future agility or performance superstar? Anxious, worried, or stressed out that you'll 'mess up' your puppy? Worried you'll misstep and not realize it until the 'bad' behaviors are ingrained and can't be fixed? Worried about using the right food? The right toys? Is your puppy in her crate enough? Out of her crate enough?


Who Is This Course Made For?

This course is for puppies aged 8 weeks and beyond! From potty training to performance foundation, this is the course you need to start your puppy off right! 

How Long Will You Get Access?

When you join PERFORMANCE PUPPY ABCs, you'll get access to the content for a whole YEAR

Will You Get Feedback?

If you join as a SPECTATOR or PARTICIPANT you'll get access to the discussion and comments for a whole year. You can ask questions and look at the feedback given to other students during the year. If you're a PARTICIPANT, you can submit videos for feedback -  for a whole YEAR!

What Do You Get?

You'll get access to all of the videos and lessons that go with Daisy and Anna's 165 page book: Performance Puppy ABCs - and you'll get the book too! All access levels include the eBook version of this incredible resource - yours to keep!


Take a look at the syllabus for this course! 

  • FIRST STEPS - 7 Lessons covering how to get started when you first bring your new puppy home
  • LIFE SKILLS - 7 lessons covering the life skills your puppy needs to be not only a great agility dog but a great household companion
  • CHASE AND RECALL GAMES - 4 Lessons covering how to make sure your puppy will eagerly follow and chase after you, no matter what distractions are present
  • SKILLS YOUR PUPPY WILL NEED FOR FUTURE TRAINING - 7 Lessons to help prepare your puppy for future lessons, including coordination and shaping games
  • TOY GAMES - 8 Lessons to make sure your puppy is motivated to play with toys with you!
  • BEGINNING HEELWORK AND BYPASSES - 3 Lessons to make sure you and your puppy are headed in the same direction on course!
  • TRICKS FOR PUPPIES - 10 Lessons that Daisy and Anna feel are essential tricks for all performance puppies to learn!
  • IMPULSE CONTROL - 3 Lessons to help make sure your puppy has great impulse control!
  • VERBAL SKILLS - 5 Lessons to help your puppy learn that the different sounds you make have meaning!
  • BEGINNING TUNNEL TRAINING - 3 Lessons with simple skills to teach your puppy that the tunnel is fun...and to take it only when asked!
  • FOCUS FIRST AID - 2 Lessons to help you when you're stuck and your puppy seems to be paying attention to anything but YOU!


Now you can take our online course and get access to the demonstration videos for each lesson! The online course and book are offered for sale through The Online Classroom - clicking on the links below will take you to that website.


Get access to all of the demonstration videos that go along with the book, and download the book as a PDF File!



  • 1-year Access
  • Access to demonstration videos for every lesson in the book
  • PDF Book Download
  • View Feedback and Comments
  • Get Feedback From Daisy & Anna


Get access to all the demonstration videos, and view feedback and comments for participants. 



  • 1-year Access
  • Access to demonstration videos for every lesson in the book
  • PDF Book Download
  • View Feedback and Comments
  • Softcover Book Mailed To You
  • Get Feedback From Daisy & Anna


You can purchase the book as a softcover or special hardcover edition, too! If you don't think you'll need the videos that go along with the book, click below to order ONLY the book! You'll be missing out on the videos that go with the book BUT if you're on a budget, this may be the option for you!

Performance Puppy ABCs - Book
$34.95 - $49.95

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What People Say

Courtney Farmer

Oregon, USA

This course has made my puppy training sessions more focused, productive and fun for JoJo and me. It's easy to get overwhelmed with puppy training but Performance Puppy ABCs made everything so much more clear and rewarding!

Julie Bender

Idaho, USA

The step by step instruction in Performance Puppy ABCs will help you enjoy the process of guiding your puppy to a happy & well balanced introduction to performance sports!


Learn more about the authors of the book and the instructors for this course!

About Daisy Peel.

Daisy is known globally as a leading instructor and competitor n the sport of dog agility. She has represented the USA internationally over a dozen times, across three continents, with multiple dogs, and has medaled on the international stage. Daisy has also won five National Championship titles, with two different dogs. 

Daisy is also recognized globally as a top instructor and coach. her students excel at the top levels in multiple North American agility organizations such as AKC (The American Kennel Club), USDAA (United States Dog Agility Association), CPE (Canine Performance Events) and more. Her students have been selected to represent their countries at international events as well. Daisy teaches students around the globe, in person, and through her Online Classroom and at The Agility Challenge, and she is dedicated to helping people enhance their relationships with their dogs through better training, handling, and mastery of their mental game.

About Anna Hinze.

Anna Hinze lives and competes in Germany, arguably one of the countries with the most competition in the sport of dog agility. During her exchange year in Washington State, she trained and handled a wide variety of breeds as borrowed dogs, as her family had no dog of their own. Starting out with a Carin Terrier, Anna now owns and handles a Border Collie, May, and a Shetland Sheepdog, Take. Anna and May have represented Germany at the World Agility Open, earning medals, and in 2019, Anna and May won the prestigious European Open Large Dog Team event.

In Germany, Anna instructs students, as well as teaching online courses. She enjoys teaching novice handlers as well as students who aspire themselves to be on national teams. Anna has taught seminars all across Europe and the United States in recent years, and enjoys experiencing agility in different countries.